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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 25, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight, watch what you wear. the warning to our olympic athletes not to look too american around sochi. the new concern about safety at the games, plus the state department's brand-new travel alert. and also breaking overnight, killed on campus. a college football player gunned down outside his dorm. the school on lockdown. the latest on the search for suspects. tweet victory. >> you know, famous people tend to just pay people. >> singer courtney love speaking out about the verdict in the first of its kind twibel case. what this could mean for twitter users. ♪ and shaping up on "sesame street." the muppets' important new message aimed at fighting fat and making kids healthier. even the cookie monster has a new message of moderation. [ playing the theme to "sesame street" ]
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oh, and good morning, everyone. dan is taking some well deserved time off. but it's great to have "nightline" anchor dan abrams joining you. it's been a while since we've been together. >> nice to be with you on another chilly day. >> yes. extremely cold. >> i want to take you away from that. it is great to be here, but take a look at this. from freezing cold to giant waves, giant. up to 50 feet high. >> oh, my gosh. >> not a weather story, one of surfing's biggest events. we've got all the highlights from the gnarly mavericks competition at half moon bay. it's in california. >> just hearing dan abrams say gnarly. >> is that a legal term? >> i didn't even sort of give it my full sort of effort. >> oh. we're just getting the show started this morning. >> that's our biggest tease
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coming up. >> we've had a lot of coffee as you can tell already. that's one of the few bodies of water not frozen in this country, by the way, after looking at that. there's a lot more cold weather coming up. we'll get to that in just a few moments. we do begin with a stern warning for u.s. olympic athletes. with the games now less than two weeks away, they're being told to be more low key and not wear their red, white and blue colors around sochi where they could be prime terror targets. plus, the u.s. state department has a new travel alert right now. abc's kirit radia is in sochi with more. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. imagine you're an olympic athlete, you've trained your whole life and you finally made it here to sochi to represent your country. but now for security reasons, even the u.s. government is warning you and the rest of team usa to avoid looking too american in public. team usa may have new outfits designed by ralph lauren, but the u.s. olympic committee wants athletes to be careful where they wear them. in a security memo to athletes, the committee suggests they not wear their team logos outside the olympic zone.
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the fear is that americans could become targets. that advice came straight from the u.s. state department. >> we generally give this kind of guidance around big international events, particularly if there is some kind of threat like we've seen here. >> reporter: that threat appears to have grown in recent days. the sochi olympics were already on edge after russia's most wanted terrorist urged his followers to attack the games and again just a few weeks ago when twin bombings rocked a nearby city, but the state department issued a new travel alert on friday warning americans about reports of so-called black widows. russian authorities are hunting for a woman they say is a suicide bomber who slipped through the massive security ring. it's enough for some olympic athletes to tell their families to stay home. >> he wanted us to stay home so that he wouldn't have to worry about us, one less thing to be concerned about. >> reporter: others say they're taking precautions. >> we're big fans of the buddy system on our team, so that's -- you know, for starters we have that.
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other than that, we're going to be pretty sheltered staying in the village where we are. >> reporter: and i have to say, they're taking security extremely seriously here in sochi. the stadiums will be on lockdown, and the u.s. government will have security teams with the athletes at all times. dan and bianna. >> all right, thanks, kirit. now to the dangerous and relentless arctic air covering the midwest and northeast. it's plunging temperatures to record lows with snow and ice even in the deep south. we're happy to have meteorologist bill evans from abc here in new york with us tracking it all. hey there, bill. >> good morning. nice to be here. thank you very much. that cold air has worked its way all the way down into the deep south all the way down to mccomb, mississippi. now, i'm from mississippi, and i can tell you, when it snows there, it's a big deal. first thought i saw it snow there, i thought the grits factory had exploded. we're looking at what will be snow all across that area. brittany from wabt-tv sent that in. that's our fine abc affiliate there. well, across the country, we're seeing a deep ridge of arctic air coming in. we take you now to where that
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deep arctic air has been surging in in san antonio, texas, and houston. yes, that's one of houston's finest trying to navigate the ice. we take you to san antonio where it's very slippery on roadways and highways. expressways have been filled with ice. it's tough driving there. they don't get to do it that often, and they don't get used to it. so there's been accidents everywhere. sterns county, minnesota, we take you there. well, there there's been accidents all along the roadways. this is another one in a series of snow events that have been coming through the area. it looks like detroit is going to set an all-time record snowfall for the entire season. so as the snow comes from chicago to detroit heading eastward today, another round of snow showers, 1 to 3 inches are going to be common across the area throughout the ohio valley into the northeast. this arctic blast is another in a series that will come in dropping these temperatures to some dangerously low levels. 1 and 2 below for chicago. tomorrow and monday. minneapolis 23 degrees below on monday, and you see it's cold, boston all the way down to atlanta. we'll talk more about that coming up. bianna, back to you. >> never-ending winter season. i want to hear more about that grits factory, bill. you're going to have to tell us
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about that. >> i'll fill you in. we'll turn now to a social media milestone. grunge rocker courtney love winning a decision in the first ever twitter libel trial. a jury saying the singer did not defame one of her former lawyers in a tweet. abc's linzie janis has the details. ♪ take everything >> reporter: this morning, the queen of grunge's legal headache is finally over after a los angeles jury decided in her favor. the case, which has become known as the twibel trial, the nation's first libel trial that started because of a tweet. ♪ they really want you the verdict handed down after three hours of deliberation as the jury weighed eight days of testimony centered on the social media postings of late nirvana front man kurt cobain's widow. in this 2010 tweet, courtney love suggested her lawyer, rhonda holmes, had been, quote, bought off when she wouldn't help love in a legal battle with the managers of the late cobain's estate. love told media outside of the l.a. courthouse that it was her
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fame that landed her in front of a judge. >> famous people tend to just pay people and just pay people and just pay people. i didn't know if the system works, and it does. >> reporter: love was at times emotional on the stand and told the court she's useless with computers, thought she was just sending a direct or personal message and quickly deleted the tweet that she called, just an opinion. the attorney for holmes said that despite being awarded nothing by the jury, his client was the true victor in this case. >> a jury of her peers have determined on listening to all the evidence that rhonda holmes was not bought off. ♪ >> well, holmes had been suing love for $8 million in damages. and, dan, you know better than anyone why this trial was seen as so significant. >> well, it was the judge's ruling early on that made this so important. it was by the judge saying, i'm going to let a jury decide this case, and as a legal matter i'm going to treat what you write on
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twitter the same way that we would treat something that you write in "the new york times." that's what made this so important, and it became the first case based on a tweet that went to trial. >> because he could have just dismissed this from the get-go. >> absolutely. >> and said, no, we're still going to go forward. >> many people thought he might and treat the two differently. >> so is this indicative of future cases, we're such a social media driven world. >> well, in particular, based on what people say on twitter, right, the awful things people sometimes say on twitter and how offended people get, i would expect we'll see a lot more cases. >> the moral, don't tweet if you're emotional or drunk. >> yes, be quiet. three times. >> yes, yes. >> don't drink and tweet either. >> right. >> okay, thanks, linzie. time now -- you heard ron, yeah, at the other end. >> with a piece of advice. >> good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news a california man has been detained in egypt where bombings have rocked cairo on the third anniversary of that country's revolution. overnight a car bomb blew up outside of a police headquarters there in cairo,
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and on friday an al qaeda linked militant group claimed responsibility for four bombings that killed six people. meanwhile, 26-year-old jeremy hodge, a translator from los angeles, and an egyptian filmmaker that he was with have been arrested. no word on why. and in ukraine, violent anti-government riots overnight as protesters set fire in the capital city kiev. the interior ministry is now accusing the demonstrators of capturing two of its officers. the unrest has spread across this eastern european nation with protesters seizing a government building in another city. ukraine's president is now promising a government reshuffle. and on wall street, stocks ended the week taking a slide or rather a bit of a nosedive on friday. the dow jones fell 318 points closing below 16,000. that is the biggest one-day loss since back in june of last year. the dow is now down almost 500 points just over the last two days as investors fear a slowing global economy.
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and a federal judge has ordered a texas hospital to remove a brain dead pregnant woman from life support. marlise munoz's husband told the judge that his wife had made it perfectly clear to him that she did not want to be kept alive if she were ever in this condition. the hospital had argued it is required to keep treating a pregnant woman as long as the fetus is viable. they now have the hospital until monday to take her off of life support. and in sports chinese tennis star li na has won her second grand slam title with a victory over slovakian dominika cibulkova at the australian open down under. na won in straight sets. 6-0, in fact, in the second set. in 2011 she won the french open to become the first chinese woman to become a major tennis title. finally, a-rod may not have to put away his cleats just yet. despite being suspended from major league baseball for the upcoming season he has another possibility. the torrington, connecticut,
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titans, a new england league are offering him $5,000 along with free coffee and all the doughnuts that he can eat to be their batting coach. not a bad deal but a far cry from his yankees salary, which is about 25 million bucks a year. i have a funny feeling he is not going to take this offer. >> maybe it wouldn't be a pr move that was bad. >> something to do for awhile. >> exactly. a way to kill a baseball season. right? >> you got to figure something out. >> did they specify the brand of coffee because that could be a deal breaker for me. >> dunkin' donuts, i believe. >> dunkin' -- >> i'm in. thank you. >> you'd do it for that? >> she would. >> 5,000 bucks. >> i would have done it for free. >> know anything about baseball? >> i don't think the offer stands. >> you never know. dan, you never know. >> all right. >> i'm just saying. >> call sara, guys. she's good. >> you know what, it's a local doughnut shop. i've been corrected. >> thanks, duly noted. we'll turn now to another shooting on a school campus. a south carolina state university football player is shot dead leading to an entire campus on lockdown while police search for the killer. well, this morning, a break in the case, and abc's michelle
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franzen is here with the overnight developments. michelle. >> reporter: this week alone there were campus shootings in three different states, the latest at south carolina state university claimed the life of a popular football player and sent police on the hunt for the gunman. police made an arrest early this morning following a massive manhunt for suspects in the shooting death of a south carolina state university football player friday. state police say suspect justin bernard singleton was taken into custody in orangeburg and charged with the murder of brandon robinson. [ sirens ] >> the campus is locked down. our students are secured and safe. >> reporter: the university, located 40 miles from columbia, went into lockdown after robinson was found shot inside one of the on-campus dorms. according to the police complaint, the suspect was seen arguing with robinson and pulled a gun and fired. the school's president tearfully mourned the loss. >> we, again, are extraordinarily sad about this.
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he was a very nice young man, and it hurts. >> reporter: friends and fellow football players say robinson was a great player who wanted to go pro someday. >> it's a shame when tragedy occurs. my condolences, you know, a shout-out to his family. they didn't deserve it. he didn't deserve it. you know, he was a good-hearted dude. >> reporter: this latest incident marks the third campus shooting just this week. monday outside philadelphia, a student was injured after being shot at widener university. a day later at purdue university, police say an engineering student shot and killed a fellow student. police at south carolina state are now working to reassure students and parents that the campus is safe. and to help them do that, grief counselors have been brought in for students, and, meanwhile, there could be more arrests. police are still searching this morning for the remaining suspects. >> thanks, michelle. now to the former virginia governor and his wife appearing in court for the first time, both accused of accepting pricey gifts and loans in exchange for political favors. abc's jeff zeleny has the latest from washington. >> reporter: a republican power
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couple. >> thank you. >> reporter: former virginia governor bob mcdonnell once set his sights on the white house. >> we need a big change this november. >> reporter: his wife, maureen, a washington redskins cheerleader turned first lady. >> so thank you all. the great people we have in virginia. >> reporter: partners in marriage and politics. >> make room. >> reporter: but this morning, prosecutors say the mcdonnells are partners in crime. >> come on, guys. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> reporter: they appeared in court friday pleading not guilty to fraud and corruption charges. they're accused of using the prestige of the governor's office to help launch a business venture for a wealthy virginia donor in exchange for lavish gifts, vacations and big loans. prosecutors say maureen mcdonnell went on a madison avenue shopping spree while the donor picked up the tab. there were oscar de la renta ball gowns, armani dresses, handbags from louis vuitton, even a rolex watch inscribed 71st governor of virginia.
7:15 am
a grand total of at least $165,000 in gifts and loans. the alleged payback was promoting the donor's dietary supplement company. mcdonnell says he committed no crimes. >> i will use every available resource to fight and prevail against these false allegations and the unjust overreach of the federal government. >> reporter: the prosecutors must prove the governor gave special treatment to the company. >> i'm glad i've got great friends and family. >> love you, governor mcdonnell. >> thank you. >> reporter: the mcdonnells after 35 years of marriage could now face even longer prison terms. now we've covered a lot of political scandals over the years, but this may be the first one that centered around a first lady and a shopping spree. but lawyers tell us prosecutors must prove that the governor gave special and improper treatment to that virginia businessman, and that could be a much more difficult legal burden when this case goes on trial in july. bianna. >> dan was saying just that, this could be a difficult case to bring forward. >> yeah, this is not an easy case because of that exact reason.
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>> right, okay. our thanks to jeff. well, we're going to switch gears because they've helped generations of kids learn their numbers and a, b, cs. well, now they're on a new mission to convince tots to eat the color of the rainbow all with the help of a new character abc's reena ninan is here with more. i like the new character. >> there is a new friend on "sesame street," dr. rooster teaching kids around the world now heading to the u.s. to whip the "sesame street" gang into shape and teach kids what it means to live a healthy life. cookie monster? >> mm-mm. >> reporter: how about veggie monster. ♪ because you also got to eat fruit or veggies or meat if you want to be healthy and strong ♪ ♪ yo >> reporter: the famous "sesame street" characters may be trading in their favorite treats. ♪ only cookies all wrong >> reporter: for some healthier options hoping that young viewers will follow in the footsteps of their furry friends. >> and i am here with the world
7:17 am
famous dr. rooster. >> reporter: meet the newest addition to the "sesame street" family. >> keep our body healthy and strong. >> reporter: mt. sinai cardiologist dr. valentine fooster partnered with the "sesame street" workshop to teach children around the world healthy habits. the results, a muppetized md fashioned after himself. >> look, the rooster says to the muppets, first of all, take care of yourself. health is important for your life. >> reporter: my old friends on "sesame street" may be getting a mini makeover. well, give me five. i am so impressed. but will regulating the blue monster's cookie intake really do the treat? >> ah cookies! >> reporter: when it comes to kids' health, a three-year experiment in south america put dr. fooster's theories to the test. >> we decided to teach health over a period of 70 hours in 6 months, and the results of this project have been outstanding. >> reporter: the study presented to the american heart association in november shows that the percentage of kids at a healthy weight rose 13% over the
7:18 am
three-year period. the program currently educates 50,000 children in colombia and spain. it's so successful, it's coming to new york later this year. you know, my 3-year-old son jack learned about healthy foods, talks about it all the time. the problem is his mother is addicted to sugary cereals. throws it all out the window so do as i say, jack, not as i do. >> those were some pretty impressive statistics. >> seems to really be working abroad. >> you got to meet grover. >> i know. >> i mean. >> it was like, what was that? >> that's awesome. >> grover. i'm in love with grover. >> it's one of the perks. >> it's a total perk. just so you know, i'm now chief "sesame street" correspondent. >> that's what i figured. i was going to ask. >> thanks. >> thanks, reena. >> thanks a lot. surf's up. way up speaking of monsters, monster waves, some up to 50 feet high for two dozen of the best surfer dudes on earth who competed in the mavericks international surf competition in northern california. i love this stuff. >> oh, yeah.
7:19 am
now we've heard him say gnarly and dudes. i've never respected you more. >> i love watching this stuff. the super bowl of surfing, it's called. >> it is. an adrenaline junkie doesn't even begin to describe the surfers in this competition from the towering waves that many of us have only witnessed in the movies to the threat of sharks, nothing stops these thrill seekers from catching the cowabunga of all waves. it's a surf spectacular on the northern california coast as 40-foot waves kicked off the mavericks invitational. the 24 world's best big wave surfers waited to hear from competition organizers to determine perfect big wave conditions. with a 48-hour notice, the men who ride mountains descended upon pillar point in hopes to catch the ride of their lives. >> is any wave too big? i -- we'll see. >> i don't think you'll ever hear one of the boys that are invited to this thing admit that it's too big, but i'll tell you from my experience, it's going to be a big swell.
7:20 am
>> reporter: bigger is better here at the mavericks invitational as surfers ride, glide and slide to survive mother nature's saltwater sweep. judges take into account the quality and drop of the wave and how the surfer performs. the competition is fierce and carries the highest of risks. this harbor has seen two deaths in the last 20 years. >> there was about four to five different wipeouts. >> big wave surfing is on a whole other level. it's not for your average guy. >> it's one of the most dangerous waves in the world. >> it gets really steep, so you got to be on game to stick the landing. >> reporter: but high surf and a shark threat didn't hinder south africa's grant "twiggy" baker, a now two-time winner of the mavericks invitational proving when the surf is up, so is his score, and just watching this video, you see the odds of, of course, in a day of surfing you may miss a wave. when you see those waves, one fail, and you're in trouble. >> and the people look tiny. i mean you get a sense of how
7:21 am
huge they are. it was like ant, like little toys. >> it is so scary. i was -- i'm not going to call myself a surfer, but having boogie boarded, let's say, on some very big waves, that is scary stuff. what they're doing is frightening. >> and with a board, even a four-foot wave comes slamming back at you. and i'm sure they're better at their board than the one time i tried it. those waves, it takes a unique type of person to take that on. >> great athletes. >> great athletes. >> cowabunga, how about that word? i wanted you to please say it. all right, think about it. meantime, we're going to check the weather and back over to wabc meteorologist bill evans. hey, bill. >> good morning, bianna. i'm still in shock hearing dan say cowabunga, gnarly and -- >> that was her. she said cowabunga, not me. >> he has his limitations. >> there are certain places i will not go. cowabunga is one of them. >> stay true to yourself, dan. all right. well, out west here, wherever there's record cold that we've been talking about in the northeast, somebody is going to get record hit. sacramento hit 75 degrees.
7:22 am
that's the warmest ever in january in sacramento. los angeles, 77 today and even up the coast, it's into the 70s. 79 in redding. ron was telling me he just came back from playing golf at pebble. they still have the search and recovery people looking for all the balls he hit in the ocean. snow showers all across the east for today. temperatures are in the 20s. this cold air is going to keep pouring in here, however, for the senior bowl in mobile going to warm up to 60 d >> fortunately, i hear you have golf balls that float. >> luckily. and the senior bowl, what is
7:23 am
that for, old football players? senior bowl, no. for seniors. >> while you discuss this, we're going to go to a commercial breakfast. >> that was a good one. >> that was great. coming up on "gma," key new information in a baffling christmas eve double murder mystery. after a third victim is dead, they're releasing details on who they're look for this morning. bye-bye, bieber. he says good-bye to miami after his run-in with the law plus video of his drag racing escapade. and "girl meets world." why the disney spin-off is a hit before even an episode has aired and what the former star topanga is saying abou it up ahead in "pop news." [ female announcer ] you get sick, you can't breathe through your nose... suddenly you're a mouth breather. a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that? you dry up, your cold feels even worse.
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because there's no crying in baseball. there's no crying in baseball! no crying! >> my momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. >> houston, we have a problem. tom hanks, of course, has given us so many memorable moments in the movies, but does he deserve his own holiday for it? yes, holiday. coming up, the push for a global celebration, and i think you might be surprised to find out who is actually behind this campaign. >> i love it, the tom hanks lobbying. >> if we get to stay home from work, i'll do it. >> the pac. also, ahead, the first video of that alleged drag racing incident leading to justin bieber's latest arrest and what his father is saying about the whole mess. but first tracking down a killer in a growing murder mystery, the shocking christmas
7:31 am
eve double shooting first made headlines when a woman and her fiance's brother were killed in a parking lot. >> and then a third body was found after that, the woman's fiance. now people are releasing details of the man that they are looking for, and abc's aditi roy has much more from our los angeles bureau. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna and dan. it's a puzzling story. police have been trying to figure out for weeks what led to a double murder in a mall parking lot on christmas eve, and now they have critical new information to help them crack the case. this morning, san diego police have confirmed the body found in the trunk of a car on january 17th in a fast food parking lot is that of 24-year-old gianni belvedere. >> the preliminary autopsy results have shown that his manner of death is homicide. >> reporter: employees working nearby had noticed an odd smell coming from the car. >> one of my co-workers, she parked two cars down and could smell it. she said the smell was strange. >> reporter: it's 100 miles away from where his brother and fiance were killed.
7:32 am
new information in a case that continues to baffle investigators. police say belvedere went missing christmas eve, the same night his brother salvatore and gianni's fiancee, ilona flint, were found shot in the head in this mall parking lot. >> we're going to have two victims on a 245 shooting. >> reporter: for weeks investigators searched for gianni, who was not named a suspect but was considered a missing person at risk. at first authorities believed a love triangle could be a possible motive, but now police say they are on the hunt for a killer on the loose. >> the person of interest that we are looking for is an unknown race male, 5'10" to 6 feet tall. >> reporter: the belvedere family seen here at a press conference -- >> we love you and miss you very much. >> reporter: -- is offering a $10,000 reward to capture and convict the suspect or suspects involved hoping it will help police unravel this murder mystery. >> it's hard to fathom where this goes, but this, they were killed because of some revenge
7:33 am
or some payoff or some version of that. >> police say they still don't know how gianni belvedere was killed. they're waiting for the full autopsy report. that's expected to come out in just a few weeks. dan and bianna. >> still so many unanswered questions in this case. >> yeah. all right. ron, you got an update for us? >> i do, i have some more stories for you, dan. >> well, it's good to hear. that's why we're here. >> that's why we're here, exactly. good morning, everyone. in the news a new warning this morning for olympic athletes headed to sochi, russia. the u.s. state department is advising them, the americans, not to wear clothing with their team logos outside of the olympics zone so it's not so obvious that they're american. security officials are on edge after russia's most wanted terrorist urged followers to attack the games, which begin soon. and take a look at this. stunning new images of what just might be a meteor strike -- streaking across the sky. a driver in dallas shot this video as he was changing lanes on a highway. probably not the best idea shooting video while you're driving. the fireball can be seen
7:34 am
shooting in the distance. no confirmation yet if it, in fact, was a meteor or something else. and from streaking meteors to a football stadium, this time we're looking at a time-lapsed video of the construction of the metlife stadium in new jersey, site of next sunday's super bowl between denver and i believe seattle. earth cam's construction cameras documented the progress of the building of the stadium. construction started back in 2007 and it finished almost three years later, the final price tag, $1.6 billion. finally, bill gates, he may be a genius and second richest man on earth, but none of them helped when he was pitted against the world's best chess player. the showdown between gates and grand master magnus carlsen took place on a popular scandinavian tv show. it only took 9 moves and 79 seconds. guess who won that one? carlsen. it was over, checkmate. bill gates' reaction. wow, that was fast. >> well, that's 78 seconds
7:35 am
longer than it would have taken me. >> you think so? i don't know. i think i could have lasted nine moves or so. >> i don't know. >> not well done. >> bill, what do you think? >> i think you regroup and go for checkers. okay? that's what you do. change the game. here's what's going on across the country once again as we go from the great lakes to the northeast, we're looking at another round of snow from a very fast-moving clipper-type situation creating snow from 80, 90 all the way to cincinnati and cleveland here. there's going to be about 3 inches with this throughout the great lakes but it's just been a pounding of snow and bitter cold that's been working its way across much of the country. well, we're looking at temperatures today of only 15 below in minneapolis. and that's not the core of the cold. that's really going to start to come in as we get into monday and tuesday across the great lakes. here's a live shot from detroit. we're looking at some snow that's been falling. gray sky, cloudy across the area. more snow reaching from detroit into western pennsylvania later today. chicago really gets cold monday and tuesday, once again. 3 below on monday, 2 below on tuesday after another round of
7:36 am
snow that comes in there for tomorrow. so really cold across much of the great lakes, the ohio valley. out west, it's very nice, temperatures are 15 degrees above normal for this time of year from salt lake city to san diego to los angeles and out towards san francisco, it's very nice out west, however, in the northeast we're going to be cold once again as we get into next week. that's a look at the nation's weather. now let's take a look at the lo >> this weather forecast is brought to you by nutella. >> yum. >> uno is also a good game. i wonder how -- >> yahtzee, scrabble. >> you're right. i've been thinking about this now. >> kinect 4. >> oh, kinect 4. >> operation. >> why would he think he could beat a grand champion anyway? >> i don't know. >> i mean, you know -- >> he's bill gates, dan. >> yeah, but i mean of course -- >> he can do whatever he wants. >> of course it was going to be quick.
7:37 am
coming up on "good morning america," all in the family. justin bieber's dad now coming under scrutiny after the pop star's arrest. what he's saying about it and bieber's mysterious message to fans. also ahead, kitten up a sleeve, and the result is pure magic. we're putting out a major cuteness alert in "pop news." >> oh. we're putting out a major cuteness alert in "pop news." ♪ i think the sun might be shining ♪ ♪ just a little more bright ♪ ♪ i think the stars might be hanging ♪ ♪ just a little more high ♪ ♪ come on, love ♪ a new day is calling, and it feels so right ♪ [ female announcer ] with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and cocoa, there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. spread the happy. there's a whole lot of happy in every jar of nutella. when you just new almay smart shade makeup made it easy with just three skintone-adjusting shades to choose from... not hundreds. new almay tonemimic technology intuitively transforms to your skintone.
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that's justin bieber high-tailing it out of miami last night thanking his believers for their support. >> beliebers. >> beliebers, yes. >> all right. i thought you said believers. >> well, maybe. >> that's the new video that comes to light following
7:42 am
justin bieber's arrest on those dui and resisting arrest charges and allegedly shows bieber behind the wheel of a fancy sports car as it tears down a street in miami. abc's matt gutman has been on the case and has the latest from the biebers, father and son. >> reporter: it's the first video of justin bieber's alleged drag race down a miami beach street. you see bieber's rented yellow lamborghini and his friend's red ferrari flash by and then their entourage's suvs, then finally the police cruiser racing to catch up and that officer busting bieber. >> mr. bieber, you are charged with the following, dui, alcohol or drugs, resisting without violence and driving with an expired driver's license. >> reporter: police say bieber admitted to having alcohol, pot and prescription medication in his system. if convicted, he faces up to six months in jail. yet, alongside the 19-year-old pop phenom all week here in miami, his father now coming under intense scrutiny. >> when the kid is making $50 million a year, there's a lot of
7:43 am
empowering that goes on, and the lines between parent and child can be very distorted. >> reporter: daddy bieber battled back tweeting, "i can protect my kids, but i can't protect them from you and your lies." bieber's camp hasn't released any official statement, but on friday the bieb instagramed this. yep, that's a match frame of him side by side with the king of pop, michael jackson, both hopping atop their suvs after leaving jail. the biebs' raucous release came thursday afternoon after which he headed back to south beach to waiting beliebers and paparazzi who spotted him leaving his hotel late friday night. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: then later seen again on the tarmac in miami. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> and, dan, given his constant run-ins with the law now, we know that justin is canadian. could he be deported? a lot of people are wondering, sent back home? >> theoretically but not for these kind of crimes. i mean, you'd need to have something far more serious than a dui, a resisting
7:44 am
arrest without violence charge, both misdemeanors. you know, look, if he does get convicted, again, a conviction on a more serious charge, is it possible, yeah, but i don't think that's in the cards right now. >> you think he'll still be here in the u.s.? >> yeah, absolutely. >> okay, well, coming up on "good morning america," the big celebrating going on at "girl meets world" even before the very first episode. details straight ahead in "pop news" with sara. i don't know why i -- >> that was amazing. i -- >> it's amazing. it. make any place your place of business with it. get paid faster with it. run payroll with it. sync this stuff with that stuff with it. make more time for what you love with it. turn on only what you need with it. sample from our smorgasbord of apps with it. take in the big picture with it. see your finances in a whole new way with it. this is your business on the all-new quickbooks. run with it.
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♪ all right. >> it is time now for "pop news." >> dan usually dances it over to me, so if you can -- >> all right, sorry. >> there it goes. there it goes. so gnarly. first up the most buzzed
7:49 am
about tv spin-off of 2014, "girl meets world," the new show hasn't even aired yet but there's so much hype about it, the bosses at disney have just ordered another eight episodes. danielle fishel, who played topanga in the original '90s classic, "boy meets world" broke the news on twitter saying, "can't wait for them to see them all." the new series will follow cory and topanga and their teenage daughter riley as she enters the seventh grade in new york city. move over valentine's and arbor day, we found a new holiday to celebrate. international, tom hanks day. a group of buddies in chicago are so enamored with the world renowned actor, they've been holding their own tom hanks day parties for 11 years now, and they've launched a kick starter campaign to take things global and why wouldn't you want to sit around and watch tom hanks movies all day long. >> my momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates. >> he does have a great array of movies. >> you never know what you're going to get. >> i would rather take my chance out there on the ocean than to stay here and die. >> what!
7:50 am
are you hungry? finish the hamburgers. eat the buns. eat the buns. if you're not thirsty -- >> "saving private ryan," right? >> nice try, ron. and apparently the actor has personally endorsed the day. why wouldn't you, even sending signed movie memorabilia to raise money for charity. so start planning, guys, tom hanks day will take place on march 29th. >> i'm ready. >> are these film aficionados or people who are kind of making fun of him. >> no, aficionados. they're truly obsessed with him, and they've been doing it for 11 years. that's not once or twice. >> they're committed. as we say in the movie or television world. >> go big or go home. an enterprising dad gave his three kids the ultimate gift in the form of a homemade ice luge. yes, you heard it right. it stands 12 feet tall in their front yard in crystal, minnesota. the smith family is hoping to host a mini olympics with their neighbors. they've already prepared the area for the judges to sit and the kids have decided on the judging categories, speed,
7:51 am
distance and overall tricks, and it's safe to say the luge itself is a perfect 10. what a cool dad. >> that is fantastic. >> that is amazing. >> let's go. >> yes. >> my dad needed to be more enterprising. we got a snow pile and that was it, done. make it what you will. and this next video gives new meaning to the saying "to keep something up your sleeve." check out this kitten hanging out in a jacket sleeve keeping it nice and warm for its owner and look at the little ears, by the way. they haven't even like popped up yet. by far the cutest solution for battling the arctic blast yet. look at the little ears. >> so cute. >> oh. we need to send this clip to dan. >> yeah, we should just keep it. >> i don't know if you have a cat thing like our other dan. >> no, that's the other dan's really domain. >> aka danimal. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. so cute. >> his ears haven't even popped up yet. >> i know. they keep going back. >> his ears lay down you know like a baby puppy or cat. they don't even pop up. >> they're under the sleeve.
7:52 am
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all right. an hour is already up. see what happens when you're having fun. >> exactly. >> they're having a lot of fun. >> these guys are sitting here talking about sports. >> in the corner. >> i'll see you tomorrow. >> i'll see you tomorrow.
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>> request morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick first look if he weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning. we have a little cloud cover out there. it's making for a pretty nice picture out there for many of you early risers, but it is a a spare-the-air day today. temperatures are mild to start in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon some hazy afternoon sunshine and highs will climb into the upper 60s to low 70s. more cloud and fog tonight. we are looking at the first seven-day outlook we've seen in a while that will feature a few


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